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The Crackpet Show is an action packed rogue-lite shoot’em’up about mutated animals crushing their opponents with a variety of weapons and perks.
The Crackpet Show is an action-packed rogue-lite shoot’em-up about mutated animals that fight in a bizarre TV show, crushing their opponents with a variety of weapons. Choose your beastie, gear ‘em up, and go kill your enemies in the name of fame and sweet sponsorship deals!
Happy Tree Friends are back! Remember those rebellious days when parents forbade us from watching this cute cartoon, and we had to sneak around? Well, guess what? Now you can embrace the legendary cruelty and humor of the iconic cartoon as you play your favorite characters in The Crackpet Show: Happy Tree Friends Edition! Get ready to unleash chaos, earn fame, and have a blast!
Are you ready to get famous? If so, grab your gun and join the most violent TV SHOW in the history of violent TV shows! Participants will have to shoot, smash and rip through hundreds of enemies on their way to victory!
Make sure to grab the best perks and weapons along the way. Make your gun spew molten lava all over the floor, turn yourself into a berserker, and let your bullets bounce between enemies!
You’ll still die, though. That’s just how life is, even for those who wield a rail gun. But who cares about death when your audience loves YOU?
Use your new-found fame to help upgrade every item and every perk to deal even more damage when you head out again. Oh, don’t worry about getting bored: every episode of the show is randomized so you’ll never have the same run twice in-a-row.
Invite your friends and party-up in co-op mode for up to four players! Play smart and synergize with the team or bash their teeth in when they will try to steal your power-ups: every dirty trick in the book is valid, and every strategy works as long as you are having fun.
Shoot’em up
There are tons of enemies, dozens of weapons, lots of perks and items, randomized drop and map layouts, as well as carnivorous bosses for you to test your ability to beat the game with in-game items
The most bizarre
TV Show
It’s cute. It’s colorful. It’s everything you love about old-school gore cartoons. This is your only opportunity to make a pink rabbit into a harbinger of death. Do not miss it!
Play solo or co-op
Play the game solo or get your friends to play with you, create elaborate tactics or mess around and try to steal your friend’s items and power-ups. The goal is to have fun and get famous, not to sit down crunching numbers. Though it’s also a thing if you are into it.
Our news
  • The Crackpet Show Anniversary | Flippy and Fliqpy are waiting for you!
    Hello animal-freakshow lovers, we are thrilled to announce the long-awaited and important thing in our game. Many fans have been asking about Flippy and our plans for him, and it’s all quite simple: just update your version of The Crackpet Show: Happy Tree Friends Edition on all platforms and play as Flippy and his alter-ego Fliqpy!
  • The Crackpet Show: Happy Tree Friends Edition | OUT NOW
    Dear animal freakshow fans, The day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! It’s been quite a journey together, from Early Access in late 2021, and now, on September 27, 2023, we are releasing a special DLC titled  The Crackpet Show: Happy Tree Friends Edition!
  • The greatest crossover of all time!
    Dear animal-freakshow-lovers, you asked, we delivered! More than 8 months after the full release, we are ready to confirm the rumors circulating on the internet about our collaboration with  Happy Tree Friends. Yes, it’s absolutely true, and we are thrilled to announce it.
  • The Crackpet Show — 1.1.8 [Patch]
    Improved game stability and performance in rooms with high number of visual effects (Endless Mode & Campaign)
  • Steam Points Shop is OUT NOW!
    🔥Blood, violence, fun, fame, crackpetness — it’s all there!🔥
  • The Crackpet Show on Taipei Game Show
    With a -25% OFF sweet discount to celebrate this event
  • Lunar New Year Giveaway
    A year of the Rabbit is here. Let’s celebrate it with GIVEAWAY!
  • The Crackpet Show — 1.1.4 [Patch]
    Fix for game freezes, improvements with cloud management & Thai language support
  • The Crackpet Show is OUT NOW!
    Meet the craziest show about mutated animals in the full release! Dear animal-freakshow-lovers, Brutal rogue-lite shoot-em-up  The Crackpet Show  is now available on Steam Become a cuddly homicidal maniac and compete in a violent TV show to earn likes, sponsorships and celebrity status.
  • Update 0.17.1 — QoL changes!
    Dear animal-freakshow-lovers, here are promised the QoL changes as we said in our date reveal announcement. All details below!
  • Finale airs on December 15th!
    Dear animal-freakshow-lovers, Dear animal-freakshow-lovers, You kept asking about the full launch, and all we could say was that it’s coming this year. But after months of work on tons of new improvements and exciting content, including a brand new Endless mode, we can finally share the date with you!!!
  • The Crackpet Show — Making of through the Early Access
    Dear animal freakshow lovers, It’s been a while, and you kept asking us about the future plans for  The Crackpet Show. Now we are back with the latest news from the set!
  • The Crackpet Show — New Game Mode Announcement
    Dear animal-freakshow-lovers,It’s the time!The developers supplemented the game with new crazy content throughout the Early Access. At last,  The Crackpet Show is approaching its final 2022 release for PC and consoles with many explosive new features.
  •  Admiral Bahroo’s skins — [0.15.9 content update]
    We’ve got a surprise update for you! For the first time, a guest appeared in the most bizarre TV show in the world! Umeru, the famous panda of Admiral Bahroo in the iconic duck outfit, and rooG skins made it to The Crackpet Show.
  • Steam Summer Sale -15% OFF
    The Steam Summer Sale has begun and naturally, we are taking part! ⚡️From the 23rd of June, all the way until the 7th of July, you can get  the Crackpet Show with a sweet 15% discount!⚡️
  • Dress to impress [0.15.5 content update]
    Is fame without style actually worth it? You don’t have to answer this question anymore, because the lobby of the most bizarre TV show now features a new machine! Each killed boss grants you a Skin Card, and five of them allow you to rotate a fortune wheel. Will you get them all?
  • Audience starts fighting! [0.14.2 content update]
    For the first time in the history of The Crackpet Show, the audience will join the fight and support you on the way. You can now pick a new perk for a headstart when entering the room, plus a very punchy new weapon. Let’s take a look at all that’s new:
  • Can we fix it? [0.13.2 content update]
    Time for the new UPDATE! Episode 17 with Cockroach the Builder is now available, so get ready to test your ultimate builds, and all the sponsor bonuses to face the enemy supported by a deadly machine! There are some new tools at your disposal — including two new special items, a new weapon, a perk, […]
  • Time to Upgrade — [0.12.3 content update]
    It’s the perfect time to come back to your favorite show with this new exciting U̳P̳D̳A̳T̳E̳! A brand new participant joins the show to fight! A new enemy with shield capabilities will make your life harder. But with new weapons, a new perk, and the powerful new special item, you will be more than capable […]
  • Brothers in Arms — [0.11.1 content update]
    Ⓝ Ⓔ Ⓦ Ⓤ Ⓟ Ⓓ Ⓐ Ⓣ Ⓔ is here! It’s time to come back to your favorite reality show and test your builds with a new challenging boss (actually two bosses in one), hunt for new achievements, give new weapon a try, unlock new special items and perks. It’s time to yell yet […]
  • Getting Heavy — [0.10 content update]
    This week, on social media, we asked you to guess the new additions coming to the game. You could choose from new weapons, a new character, new room types, or a new boss. We are so happy to share that all the answers were correct, and you get ALL OF IT! (& more!)
  • The Crackpet Show #2 January Content update
    Mr. Parrot, our host of the show, is always right. He promised two content updates in January, and guess what? We got it for you today! The brave participants of The Crackpet Show continue to explore Petopolis and now fight their way in Episode #14 to face another new boss — Wack-a-Ctopus!
  • The Crackpet Show #1 January Content update
    Dear animal-freakshow-lovers, We are back! We’ve successfully entered a new year at full throttle, and today we proudly announce the start of a brand new season of The Crackpet Show! Our furry unbreakable participants go to The City for the first time to beat new enemies like Turbo Snails and Spiders and fight their way to […]
  • The Crackpet Show Christmas Update — 0.7.12
    Check out the first content update for The Crackpet Show, with a sweet Christmas surprise!
  • The Crackpet Show has Launched in Early Access!
    THIS IT IT! Two years of highs and downs, hundreds of bugs fixed, thousands of iterations, endless lines of code, and now we can proudly say that by far our biggest and most ambitious game, THE CRACKPET SHOW HAS OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED IN EARLY ACCESS!
  • Expect the Unexpected #05 — Show me the money!
    Welcome back to the Expect the Unexpected series! In The Crackpet Show you work your a** to become famous and get some sweet sponsorship deals! Their support is the case of life and death, so let’s take a look at your options!
  • Expect the Unexpected #04 — Talent Show
    Welcome back to the Expect the Unexpected series! Today it’s all about showing all you’ve got by clearing stages and getting new perks along the way. Don’t you think you’re ready because you obtained a mighty-looking gun (which we covered in the last episode of the series). This is the Crackpet Show, and it’s all about mixing […]
  • Development Roadmap Ahead Of Early Access Launch!
    Welcome to the latest season of The Crackpet Show, a bloody and crude competition to become the next legendary celebrity! New challenges, new competitors, new ways to wreak havoc and rise to the top; all this and more is in store for the most violent show in broadcast history! You won’t want to miss it!
  • Expect the Unexpected #03 — Showing off
    Welcome back to the Expect the Unexpected series! Don’t forget to check out the first two episodes of the series before diving into all the tools you get by entering this bizarre show. In the end, you don’t start watching your favorite Netflix series from the 3rd episode, right?
  • The Crackpet Show will be released in Early Access on December, 16th 2021!
    Hello, animal-freakshow-lovers! It is with great joy that we are able to make this announcement — probably the single best announcement that we have been able to make! You kept asking us about the launch date of the most bizarre TV show on the planet, so now hold your breath!
  • OFFICIAL DEVSTREAM at Dev.Play Indie Festival!
    Hello crackpets! We are glad that you are reading this, because The Indie Festival starts at Dev.Play tomorrow. We’ve also prepared a special devstream! Join us our stream, and you will see a lot of cool things, namely: we are showing the latest build of the game 4 players co-op gameplay talking through the content […]
  • The Crackpet Show at Dev.Play Indie Festival!
    This means the game is eligible to win all of the awards on offer and will also be showcased during the live-stream which takes place on 26th October. Stay tuned — there will be a lot of news in the upcoming days!
  • Expect the Unexpected #02
    Welcome back to the Expect the Unexpected series! If you have missed the first episode, covering aiming, dash, and likes mechanics, you can read it to get the basics of survival in The Crackpet Show. Now we assume you’re ready to survive the first episode, so it might be helpful to know what happens next, don’t you think?
  • Expect the Unexpected #01
    Welcome! The Expect the Unexpected series brings you insights into the upcoming most bizarre TV Show! First, you need to know that things in here… well, work differently than in real life (thank God!). In the upcoming six episodes, we will explain to you all the nitty-gritty of The Crackpet Show. Let’s start today with the […]
  • The Crackpet Show (Making Of)
    The Vixa Games production set was ready in early 2020. During that time, our board of TV show directors discussed the potential setting (or, in other words, are asses firing bullets ok?). On top of that, Karol, our art director, had lots of fun by designing the tools of mayhem — we already knew at […]
  • Vixa Games x Ravenage
    Hey-hey! As per our previous news, we said that very soon we would tell you about the BIG news and here it is! Vixa Games is delighted to announce its partnership with publisher Ravenage – a team of very talented and experienced professionals, whose portfolio includes many projects that have won many international awards and nominations. The Ravenage […]
  • update from the production set
    You haven’t heard from us in a while, but the team is fully focused on delivering the freaky bullet-hell experience that will make you stick to the screen just like injuries to Bunny, Cowie, Rusty & Sharky. We are grateful as hell for all the support you’ve given us since our game was featured on […]
  • Gamescom 2021 trailer & gameplay
    TesIn The Crackpet Show bullet-hell adventure you take on the role of gunned up and insanely freaky animal ready to gut up enemies just to gain fame. Join the most twisted post-apocalyptic TV show presented through a rogue-lite top-down shooter.
  • The Crackpet Tales #1
    An apocalyptic event that occurred without warning changing the fate of the planet as we know by annihilating mankind. It turned the surface into a hazardous area poisoning and mutating all creatures that managed to survive the catastrophe. Those creatures became the main habitats of the devastated world and among them are the worst kind […]
  • Freakiest TV Show you have ever seen!
    First of all, thank you all for showing such an interest in our little freak show! It has gone beyond our expectations and your interest in the title gives us a lot of encouragement and more fuel for our freaky minds in order to deliver a game that will satisfy your deepest roguelike and bullet-hell […]
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